Tablet Disposal

Do you have tablets, iPads and other devices for disposal?

Do you have iPads, tablets and other devices in need of disposal? Revive It understand that when equipment reaches the end of life it can be a struggle to find the best solution for its disposal. Tablet disposal in particular can be difficult especially if your devices are broken or are missing parts for example. Revive IT collect tablets and other WEEE in any quantity or condition even if they have damaged screens for example.

We protect your sensitive information by ensuring the complete destruction of all data on any devices we collect. We also issue data destruction certificates as standard so upon completion of your collection you are left with all the paperwork you need for your own records. We have various techniques for data destruction so even if your devices are locked we are able to data sanitise them for you – and that is a 100% Revive IT guarantee. Our extremely knowledgeable team have experience with devices of all types and in any conceivable condition. So when you’re looking for tablet disposal Revive IT should be your first choice.

We collect equipment all over the UK and can accommodate collections of any size so if you require tablet disposal for 10 items or 1000’s we have a vehicle to suit your requirements. Revive IT have the knowledge and experience to make your collection as easy and convenient as possible. Best of all, and unlike some of our competitors, our tablet disposal service is completely free.

So if you still have any questions about Revive IT’s tablet disposal service please get in touch with us either via our UK customer care line on 0333 242 2545 or you can leave us an email message at

We guarantee an answer to your enquiry in 24 hours or less.

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