WEEE recycling Wakefield

We provide a Commercial WEEE Recycling & Disposal Service within Wakefield

Wakefield is a location next to our head office which includes areas such as: Wrenthorpe, Outwood, Osset, Horbury, Kirkhamgate, Newton Hill, Stanley, Lofthouse, Thornes, Sandal, New crofton, Normanton, Castleford, Dewsbury, Batley, Ravensthorpe etc. Being located next to a few of Britains main roads, Wakefield produces a great amount of WEEE (Waste Electronic Electical Equipment), a portion of this, Revive IT recycle.

A case study for the WEEE Recycling, Wakefield location:

A large IT company based in Wakefield, has many clients whom they service. They regularly produce IT waste at each site compromising of desktop computers, laptops, pcs, monitors, servers, batteries, UPSs etc, some of which are beyond economical repair and some which still have a bit of life left in them. For the IT company to collect all this WEEE waste themselves, transport it back to their site and then dispose of it from one site would be a logistical and costly nightmare – this is just what one of our competitors suggested. Not to mention the customers data and asset reporting that was involved. The previous company they used didn’t even data wipe the data baring devices, they just compact baled them – this is an unsecure and unprofessional service, provided by an all round waste collecting company.

Revive IT are a specialist IT Disposal and Data Destruction company which focus on just this. We offered the large IT company a FREE WEEE Recycling service. This involved us collecting the IT waste from each individual site in the Wakefield area, providing the relevant documentation such as duty of care waste notes, hazardous waste notes etc. All data baring devices were then processed free offsite. Each customer was then directly emailed their data destruction certificates along with full asset reports (a full list of what has been collected and what has been recycled). This saved the large IT company, a lot of hassle of which gained them nothing and allowed them to get back to what they were good at.

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