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We provide a Commercial WEEE Recycling & Disposal Service within Warrington

Warrington is an area to the West of England containing locations such as Latchford, Bewsey, Old Hall, Padgate, Houghton Green, Stockton Heath, Thelwall, Birchwood, Croft, Winwick Quaq, Lingley green etc. Due to Warringtons location it is surrounded by motoways and due to this it is many business parks. All the businesses in these parks produce tonnes of WEEE Computer Waste which brings up the requirement for our WEEE Recycling service.

The WEEE Recycling (Warrington) service includes a through data destruction service which can be undertaken onsite or offsite. The offsite service is always free but depending what you have, the onsite service is usually chargeable. We can even remove the data baring devices from the computers, servers etc onsite to minimise the hassle for yourselves. So how exactly are data baring devices data cleansed onsite:

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) are crushed with our CESG approved crushing machine. This machine pressed a 2inch hole straight through the centre of the disk platter rendering any data unrecoverable. With the WEEE Recycling service we can also degauss hard drives, tapes, phones etc – any magnetic media. This method is rarely used as customers generally want to see their data baring devices physically destroyed.

The price for onsite destruction is generally cheaper per unit, the more you have! So if you have 10 hard drives or another small number, you might as well save these up until you have more.

How do we destroy data holding items offsite? Well hard drives are hooked up to a data wiping computer which runs zeros all over the platter. It usually takes about 1 minute per Gigabyte. This method allows the hard disk to be reused which is less wasteful but it faces problems for the future simply because hard drives are getting bigger by gigabyte.

To learn more about our data wiping methods, give us a call, letting us know your location and what exactly you need to destroy. We are the best provider of WEEE Recycling in the Warrington area – Revive IT.

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