WEEE recycling Yorkshire

We provide a Commercial WEEE recycling & Disposal Service within Yorkshire

WEEE Recycling (Yorkshire) is a free computer recycling service. Revive IT Recycling Ltd are a specialist company based in the heart of Yorkshire. We service all locations such as Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Sheffield, Hull, York, Harrogate, Skipton etc.

We can recycle a number of items such as computer base units, servers, monitors, phones, batteries, cardboard, UPSs, TVs, server cabinets. Even better, we can collect them all using our own vehicles and staff to maximise security.

Wondering how we can provide the weee recycling Yorkshire service free and where all your WEEE goes? Once collected and all the data is wiped, anything re-usable is graded and re-furbished by our qualified technicians. They are then stamped with a unique Revive IT item number and then sold on to generate a profit. Anything that is no longer of re-useable value is broken down to the core materials such as copper, steel, aluminium, gold, plastic, cable etc to be recycled. This is only viable because we process so much end of life equipment.

Is our Yorkshire based WEEE Recycling service environmentally safe and data secure? Yes it is! No need to worry about your equipment being dumped and then yourself being held responsive for the act. Each collection is done by one of our own logoed vehicles, easily recognisable. You are provided with complete signed documentation in line with the WEEE legislation. E.g. If you have normal waste (not containing hazardous components), you are provided with a waste transfer note and if your collection contains hazardous components such as lead and back light fluorescent tubes then you will be provided with a hazardous waste consignment note.

For a WEEE Recycling service to be 100% compliant, Revive IT Recycling Ltd complete a hazardous waste return every year to the Environment Agency. If your organisation produces less than 500KG of hazardous waste per year, you don’t have to register as a hazardous waste producer for the WEEE Recycling service.

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