WEEE Solution for Distributers

Distributors of WEEE (electrical and electronic equipment) have obligations under Regulations 31, 33 and 34 of the WEEE regulations Part 5.

WEEE distributors must offer a take back scheme of old WEEE items on a like for like basis when a customer buys an equivalent item. They are only obliged to accept WEEE items that fulfil the same function as the new item being purchased, however if the distributor wishes they can accept other/additional items.
It is then their responsibility to dispose of the WEEE.

Records must be kept of any WEEE units returned to a store for a period of 4 years. The records have to contain a brief description of the WEEE item, the date it came into the store, and the date at which it was disposed of safely.

Our solution –

  • We can collect any IT related WEEE free of charge nationwide. On top of that you can reassure your customers that any data baring devices will be securely wiped/destroyed on disposal.
  • A waste transfer note / hazardous waste consignment note will be provided on each collection listing the quantity, weight and brief description of the WEEE collected so all you have to do is record the date it entered your store.

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