Large Corporate Sector

Large corporate organisations have many things to consider when it comes to an IT hardware transition and disposal.

Public Sector

It is pivotal that public sector organisations ensure use of a distinct computer recycling and data destruction organisation to maintain high reputation and public image.

Data Centre Sector

Data centres key purpose is to process vast amounts of highly confidential data. Essentially within a single data centre there is 1000s of organisations confidential data all condensed into rack cabinets.

Retail Sector

Since the commencement in IT evolution, the retail sector has progressively made more and more use of the possibilities of integrating IT into point of sale (POS) to allow easy accounting and smooth, professional customer transactions.

Education Sector

Throughout the UK there are approximately 25,000 educational establishments, each using IT hardware extensively as part of their teaching processes. As with many other sectors the amount of confidential data stored on these computer systems is very high.

SME Sector

99.3% of all private UK businesses fall under the SME category which makes this sector the largest contributor to computer waste disposed and recycled. Just because the responsibility is spread thinly over 5.4 million businesses doesn’t release the responsibility which legislation imposes.

HM Government Sector

For Government sector organisations, maintaining an impeccable record is fundamental to a service level agreement contract especially with the never ending threat from the press to identify serious data protection failings.

Industrial Sector

Organisations in the industrial sector utilise not only standard IT hardware but other computer based control systems; all of which must be securely data sanitized by professionals at the point of disposal without compromise.

Healthcare Sector

Revive IT can offer service provisions to both private and public (NHS) healthcare organisations. In the short history of IT recycling, multiple NHS organisations have been fined heavily after failures to securely data destroy patient records by using incompetent IT disposal companies which simply put the hardware straight up for sale without any attempt to data sanitize.

Banking / MOD – High Security Sector

Organisations under this sector such as military, banking and finance based establishments etc. require an extremely secure service to cater for their needs.

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